Can there be an extra charge for the delivery of my order?

All additional costs related to lift rentals, storage, or absence of the client in breach of the commitment made when making the appointment, and any risk of damage arising from these problems shall be borne by the customer. In the event that delivery cannot be made on the arranged day due to access or passage difficulties not previously indicated by the client, or due to the absence on the day of the delivery agreed with the transport company, Kave Home will charge delivery costs again.

Kave Home is not responsible for packages that, because of their size, do not fit through building access points, such as the door, elevator, or stairs. Because of this, it’s important that you double check the package measurements before making your purchase. On the product detail sheet below the product description you will find the packaging specifications of the product: the number of boxes, their size and weight etc. In the event that the packages cannot be delivered because of its size, the cost of delivery will not be refunded.

The customer commits to being in the delivery location on the day agreed with the transport company, and to verify that the delivery is correct upon receipt.